Monday, November 3, 2014

iDRAC7 Express Remote Access with the Dedicated Nic, Not Possible

With the series of iDRAC7 (Dell remote access cards), the card + nic is built into the motherboard of PowerEdge generation 12 systems.  Instead of having different cards, they have multiple license options, the basic being the iDRAC Express license, with the ‘top’ tier being the Enterprise license.  The Express does NOT allow you to use the iDRAC dedicated nic for remote access:

"NIC Selection: Dedicated: A required license is missing or expired."

You have to use/”share” a motherboard LAN nic (LOM its called) for remote access.  This isn't terrible, but it can cause issues if you plan to team nics, or you may have your nics already allocated out and don't want to share iDRAC traffic with your normal traffic for performance or security reasons.  The Enterprise license allows you to use the iDRAC dedicated port.  Just like iDRAC6, Enterprise also allows access to the virtual terminal/screen, that reason alone may be worth the cost of Enterprise.  To get a 30 day trial of iDRAC7 Enterprise visit this page at the Dell website.