Monday, October 13, 2014

Mouse without Borders - Microsoft Garage

Computer A is my primary computer and computer B I use for testing applications, group policies, etc.  I always thought I would have to spend money if I wanted to share the mouse and keyboard between the two machines ala KVM switch or application.  Recently I have been using Mouse without Borders by Microsoft Garage.  It uses the LAN to share a mouse and keyboard.

Download the MSI and run, Accept the license agreement and Install the app.  If its your first time running it will ask you if you have installed the app on your second machine.  I did not have it installed so it gave me a security key to use.  After installing on the second machine and punching the security key in, a settings panel will pop up that will allow some customization:

You can drag and drop the monitor images to match your physical monitor locations.

Along with sharing the mouse and keyboard you can "drag and drop" files from one computer to the next, similarly to how you can drag and drop files in explorer.  It uses a network file transfer in the background to do this, pretty clever.