Thursday, November 21, 2013

Scheduling Overviewer to render your Minecraft server.

I am using Overviewer to render an isometric map of my Minecraft world, and have it scheduled so it updates every hour.  I am using vanilla Minecraft Server 1.7.2 and serving it with McMyAdmin.  To host the Overviewer html I am using Apache with the WAMP stack.

I have a Minecraft server folder on my C drive that is the home to the unpacked Overviewer directory.  Also inside of it is the McMyAdmin files and a second Minecraft folder for the server jar/world files.

In the Overviewer directory we are going to create a runoverviewer.bat that has:
overviewer.exe "C:\Minecraft Server 1.7\Minecraft\world" "C:\wamp\www" >> renderlog.txt
The scripts calls overviewer.exe and passes a couple of options, the first being the location of the server world folder, the second is where to output the rendered html, which is the Apache www root and I want to output to a log file using >>.

The first render took about 30 minutes, but subsequent renders only takes a few minutes.  Make sure you have plenty of space on as my render costs me about 2.5 GB of storage.  To schedule it I am using task scheduler to call the runoverviewer.bat file every hour:

I still have a lot to learn about Overveiwer, there are many options on how and where to render.  There are also ways to make 'signs' that can label different areas, and show the last known location of the player.  As I add these features to my render (hopefully) I will post it.