Monday, December 12, 2016

More Chrome Extensions You Need!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Sonicwall Packet Monitor: Error: Invalid IP address specified

Glad I wasted about a half a day on this.  I need to see what kind of traffic there is between some zones I have set up.  The Packet Monitor help dialog and other official places makes it seem like you can put networks [ie] in the Source and Destination fields.  Nope, you can only use hosts, not networks, bummer.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Tripplite SNMP Web Card: "Looking for a PowerAlert engine at" IP Address

The quotes is an SEO grab to boost page views on a site I don't have ads on:

This error even shows up in the official manual [PDF page 4] but says nothing about it:

So... this is on the WEB CONSOLE, I am typing in the IP address to get to the web console, and the web card is serving up the page, but still give this cryptic error!  The fix?  Factory reset your SNMP Web CardDon't use IE11, use Java 7, Don't use windows 10.

Try this fix released by tripplite [PDF]:

And buy APC.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sonicwall: Test Netextender SSL-VPN from anywhere

This page has login details to connect netextender to Sonicwalls own SSL-VPN demo.  Use this to help troubleshoot connectivity to your site from your remote clients:

Monday, January 18, 2016

Check_MK: Adjust alert thresholds/levels for single check on host in WATO

We are monitoring the C drive of a Host and are running this system pretty lean:

I want to change it so it Warns at 90% and Criticals at 95%.  This can be done for manually inventoried checks, but I used WATO with auto-inventory for the entire environment, so I want to keep modifications to checks in WATO also.  This is done by using Rules.

Since we only want to modify a single check for a specific host, visit the Services page of the Host and click on the specific service, in this case "Filesystem C:/"

Should take you to here:

Next we are going to click on the "View and Edit Parameters for this Service" icon next to Service Icons:

This page will show you the thresholds (levels) we are using:

To edit these thresholds, click on Filesystems (used space and growth).  This will take us to a page that will allow us to create a custom rule:

Click on "Create Mount point for specifc rule for".  This page has many parameters you can modify for this check, including levels:

In the Parameters section put a check next to "Levels for filesystem" and input the levels you want to use:

On the bottom of this page click Save.

A summary of the Rule will show up on the page:

Make sure to commit the changes to Check_MK:


We can make sure the threshold change worked by going back into the Hosts' Service check:

Rules can be used in many ways, for example a single rule can modify all checks of a specific type on every host.