Monday, January 18, 2016

Check_MK: Adjust alert thresholds/levels for single check on host in WATO

We are monitoring the C drive of a Host and are running this system pretty lean:

I want to change it so it Warns at 90% and Criticals at 95%.  This can be done for manually inventoried checks, but I used WATO with auto-inventory for the entire environment, so I want to keep modifications to checks in WATO also.  This is done by using Rules.

Since we only want to modify a single check for a specific host, visit the Services page of the Host and click on the specific service, in this case "Filesystem C:/"

Should take you to here:

Next we are going to click on the "View and Edit Parameters for this Service" icon next to Service Icons:

This page will show you the thresholds (levels) we are using:

To edit these thresholds, click on Filesystems (used space and growth).  This will take us to a page that will allow us to create a custom rule:

Click on "Create Mount point for specifc rule for".  This page has many parameters you can modify for this check, including levels:

In the Parameters section put a check next to "Levels for filesystem" and input the levels you want to use:

On the bottom of this page click Save.

A summary of the Rule will show up on the page:

Make sure to commit the changes to Check_MK:


We can make sure the threshold change worked by going back into the Hosts' Service check:

Rules can be used in many ways, for example a single rule can modify all checks of a specific type on every host.