Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Update OMD (Open Monitoring Distribution) from 1.20 to 1.30

Open Monitoring Distribution was recently updated to 1.30, here is how to update.  My instance of OMD was installed with the repo.  I recommend this because it is an easy way to install and update OMD, I am using the stable release, and CentOS 7 as the linux distro.  Bad part is check_mk updates faster than OMD! ;)
Next we can check for update:
Next we will install the 1.30 bits:
With the bits installed we need to log into the monitoring site so it can be updated:
Check current version:
Run omd update
Start site
With the bits updated and site started the GUI should now be working.  Now its time to update all of my clients from check_mk 1.2.4p5 to 1.2.6p12, the new agents are found in /share/check_mk/agents directory of your site folder.