Tuesday, April 21, 2015

TrippLite: Upgrading firmware on a SNMPWEBCARD

The TrippLite SNMPWEBCARD allows for remote access and alerting for TrippLite UPS's and PDU's.  Please read the resources below first.  This card I am upgrading is a Generation 3 card, came with version 012.004.052 of the firmware, and it will be updated to 012.006.064.  Download the latest firmware from the card's home page.  This is a folder that contains multiple firmware versions, as well as the massupdate.exe program.  I unpacked it to c:.

Make sure you read the READ ME - RELEASE NOTES, as firmware has to be updated in a certain order, the card can be bricked if it is updated incorrectly.  The update order for my card is to .55 then to .64.  The .55 update we will use FTP, then to go to .64 we will use the recommended massupdate.exe found in the Utility folder of the firmware package.

First connect the serial cable, this is a cable provided by TrippLite, other cables may not work.  Putty into the web card using the serial connection with the following settings:

If you have an issue connecting.  Connect via putty, unscrew and unslot the card, plug in the serial cable between the web card and PC/Server and slot the card back into the UPS/PDU.  This reboots the card and the stream should then output to the putty console.

Once connected to the card, login and reboot it:

We will use the serial stream to keep an eye on what the card is doing, but we will use command prompt with the windows FTP program to upload the new firmware.  Open a command prompt and browse to the firmware folder you unpacked.  Use FTP "IP Address" to open an ftp session with the web card, it will ask you to log in.
Change to binary mode with the 'bin' command and upload the firmware with the 'put' command, .55 in my case.  There is no tab completion, so type accurately.
Once it is uploaded type 'bye'.  The card will install the firmware and restart:
Upon bootup it shows the .55 firmware was uploaded.
Repeat the same steps to upload the pwralert.dat file:
The card will once again reboot, this may take awhile.

Before using massupdate.exe to update to .64, I had an issue with the application logging into the card to upload the new firmware, so I decided to reset the settings on the card.  This is done by rebooting the card and pressing a key on the console before 5 seconds is up.  It asks you if you want to reset the settings.  This changed the IP to dhcp and changed the admin password.  If you have issues with massupdate.exe connecting, this may fix it.

Now that we are on .55 we will use massupdate.exe found in the Utility directory (SNMPWEBCARD-FW-Gen3-12-6-064-RC1\Utility) to update the card the .64.

Open massupdate.exe.  Under Path of Files to Update click browse and select the Version directory (\SNMPWEBCARD-FW-Gen3-12-6-064-RC1\Firmware\Version 12.06.0064)
Click Add Devices at the bottom, enter the IP of the web card.  I used the default login.
Click update on the bottom and click Start on the progress window:
The image will upload and the card will reboot.  Be patient while the firmware installs, its a major upgrade and it takes awhile.
The card will reboot (again this is a long process) and you will be on the latest firmware.

Once the card is fully loaded you can connect to the web admin panel using the DHCP IP.  Also enjoy whitelisting all of the Java stuff, because the panel is Java, the browser will block it.


Make sure to go through these in detail, as well as the firmware readme file, as it is possible to brick the card.

Thanks to johndball.com, it seams his website is down, but please read his post on this card before you attempt a firmware update.